More than the training and competition, the camp also opts to focus on community service. There will be one beneficiary for each country.

1C Skills Camp aims to promote 1C:Enterprise  Platform, bringing the business application development platform in the global stage.

About 1C Company and 1C:Enterprise

1C Company is the largest software company in Russia specializing in the development of business applications. More than 1.5 million organizations are automated on the 1C platform, including organizations in the field of health and education. 1C Company is the developer of 1C:Enterprise – a universal cloud and on premise system of programs for automating business operational activities.

1C:Enterprise Business Application Development Platform will be exclusively used to build the apps. Read more about 1C Company via https://1c.com/  and 1C:Enterprise via http://1centerprise.com/ .


The key goal is to impart a modern technology(1C:Enterprise) for developing business applications from scratch.

Key audience – college students with basic IT skills but no experience in professional development.

Training of young developers on the 1C:Enterprise platform.
Practice of desktop and mobile  development.
Real practical tasks.


1C Skills Camp will be focused on the development of an app that can help a certain community. More than the training and competition, the camp also opts to focus on community service. There will be one beneficiary for each country.

Sample community apps:

  • Home or mobile service for senior citizens or persons with disability.
  • App that could establish a communication between the farmers and the customers.
  • Health and wellness tips.
  • Assessment of the psychological state of children.
  • Transport fare reports, and others.

All apps will be created exclusively with 1C:Enterprise.



1C Skills Camp 2021



1C Skills Camp’s objectives are to improve the skills of participants/students, to expose them in new technologies, and train them with the industry-standard skill set. Participants of the 1C Skills Camp Philippines will undergo:

  • Hands-on Training and Skills Competition (Technical Skills)
  • Community Service (Life Skills)
  • Team Building (Social Skills)

Format of Participation

  • For the 2nd edition, we are considering individual participants but will still follow the two categories:
    • Student Category (must be currently enrolled)
    • Professional Category (employed or freelancer)
  • Requirements – experienced to build programmatic solutions using languages such as Java or С#.
  • Training is completely free!
  • Invitation (participants & beneficiaries) and registration starts February 2021.

Training Format

  • Fully online training:
    • Video courses for self-study.
    • Weekly webinars for problem analysis and discussion.
    • Practical exercises after each module with check points.
  • Free 1C:Enterprise licenses.
  • Cloud infrastructure is provided to develop the final 1C application.

International Involvement

News & Updates

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1C Skills Camp Management Team

1C Company (Russia)


Eugene Leschenko
1C Skills Camp Project Manager

Anton Shvyikovsky
Course Developer

Alexey Novikov
Director for International Business Development

shift101 (Philippines)


Joey Manansala Jr.

Joenn Aquilino
Web Developer

Zyrille Zuño
Multimedia Developer

Isaac Balingit
Software/1C Developer

Jonnel Vanguardia
Multimedia Developer

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