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Explore 1C:Enterprise,
a low-code platform for rapid
development of cloud, desktop
and mobile applications

Challenge yourself with the
real-world business tasks


A top platform for corporate automation

1.5 mln

1C:Enterprise powers over
1.5 million businesses worldwide


Over 1000 applications are built
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1C:Enterprise is used in over
100 countries on a daily basis

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About the 1C Skills Camp

The 1C Skills Camp is here to help you take the first steps as developers using the 1C:Enterprise platform. During the camp, your team will learn to create business applications for the web, desktop, and mobile. As you progress with your study, you will build your own app that can handle typical business needs.

At each stage, you will get points for the work, tasks completion and passing tests. The best participants will receive an invitation to the BRICS Future Skills Challenge and the international championship “The Professionals”, which will be held in Russia in the fall of 2024. The organizers of 1C Skills Camp will cover the cost of transfer to Russia and back, as well as the cost of accommodation.

BRICS Future Skills Challenge and “The Professionals” championship is an annual international professional skills competition that brings together hundreds of young people around the world. 1C Skills Сamp finalists participate in the Business Process Automation competency.

Course is free of charge
500 persons
Average number of camp participants
20 mentors
To support camp participants
5 months
Course duration

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of apps will participants create?

You will create either a web or a desktop application for the back office, plus a mobile app for company staff. For example, it can be an application intended for a small retail business and offer the following functionality:

  • Barcode scanning, adding of goods barcodes into a database.

  • Sale of goods via the mobile application, scanning of goods barcodes, creation of sales slips. Entry of information on sales into a database.

  • Inventory control. Barcodes scanning, display of information on the number of goods. Write-off of goods for disposal/replacement.

  • Purchase of goods from a counterparty. Distribution of goods to shops.

  • Registration of employee's working time, calculation of wages, entry of information into the database.

  • Creation of reports, including in-stock reports, sales reports, purchase reports, working time reports.

  • Cumulative discount for buyers. A certain percentage of each purchase is converted into reward points that can be spent on buying goods. Unused reward points expire every month.

What is the training format?
You will get video courses for self-study. Every week, you will meet with the camp experts and other participants to analyze and discuss issues arising in the course of the study. After each course module, we will offer you some practice tasks and tests. All 1C Skills Camp activities are in English and 100% online. 
Who can participate?
The camp will be good for IT students, beginner and professional developers who can read English and have some experience with programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc. Participants who are studying full-time at any educational institution must register as students. Other participants must register as professionals.
What do participants need to have?
In order to participate, you need a PC and a stable internet connection. The camp will provide all the rest, including 1C:Enterprise license, cloud infrastructure for your app, technical support, and other necessary things free of charge. 
Can participants combine 1C Skills Camp with work or study?
Sure. You can combine the camp with your daily routine. Watch prerecorded lessons when convenient. You can also watch mentor sessions any time you want and ask your questions in the chat. 

You Can Win

Total prize fund $30 000:
$500 First stage
$500 Second stage
$3000 Final

Employment opportunities in
1C Company and the camp partners

Invitation to
international competitions

Camp Schedule

1 February — 15 March
15 March — 30 May

1C:Enterprise Platform. First Step

  • Basic concepts of the 1C:Enterprise platform
  • Developing your first 1C application

Junior Developer Training Course

  • The basics of coding
  • Metadata objects of the 1C:Enterprise platform
  • Queries and reports
  • Interface customization
  • Practice tasks

12 June — 30 July

Mobile Developer Course

  • Mobile platform installation
  • Mobile platform multimedia
  • Android developmend basics
  • Data exchange with desktop application
  • Mobile debug
  • Test project
1 August — 20 September

1C:Company Management Solution

  • Solution overview, key subsystems
  • Procurement, sales, goods
  • Warehouse subsystem
  • Customization of a standard solution
  • Test project

October — November
  • BRICS Future Skills Challenge (Kazan, Russia)
  • "The Professionals" Championship (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

1C Skills Camp Organizers

1C Company is one of the largest software companies in Eastern Europe, specializing in the development of business applications. 1C Company is the developer of 1C:Enterprise, an application development platform and system of
solutions for automating business processes.

Read more about 1C Company on 1c.com and 1C:Enterprise on 1centerprise.com

SHIFT101 is an IT and Digital Wellness Consultation and Services company in the Philippines. IT Solutions and Events are being handled by wecollab – shift101's Business Solutions Division. Wecollab offers Business, Mobile, Multimedia, and Web Solutions.

Read more about shift101 on shift101.solutions and wecollab on wecollab.solutions

1C Skills Camp Partners

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